Helli  Finnish Hospital Library Consortium
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Information on Helli – Finnish Hospital Library Consortium

The Helli Finnish Hospital Library Consortium acquires electronic resources to its member libraries. Our goal is to provide the most relevant and up-to-date resources for our customers. Helli is also a forum for co-operation, networking and knowledge-sharing between its members. Any Finnish hospital library can apply to join the Helli Consortium.

The Helli Libraries have agreed upon the foundation and the rules of the consortium. A consortium meeting will take place several times a year.

The responsibilities among the Helli Libraries are shared for two-year periods. One library is chosen to handle the tenders while another acts as a contact library for service and resources providers. Other arrangements can also be possible.

Co-operation between the acquisition departments and the libraries of hospitals is essential within Helli routines. We constantly strive to develop our work processes in accordance with the Helli rules.

Please visit Finnish pages for contact information.